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Thursday, 19 November 2009
Description of the Inn

Exterior - the Inn sits a quarter of a Pasang back from the River Vosk in Jorts Ferry, within sight of the Silk Road. The Inn itself is built from stone and heavy lumber, it's outside a form of granite that is in the process of being ground and polished, for a nice smooth look, and to prevent intruders from climbing. There is a dark blue stain on the lumber, and hanging outside is a sign with a red haired kajira with a smile and a fishing pole over her shoulder, proclaiming the place to be the Silk River Inn. The area is forested, lush, though just now trees are beginning to turn yellow and orange with fall. Jorts Ferry is nearly abandoned, but there is a baker down the street, and Robin has a night time job as the light lighter.

Behind the Inn there is a lrge yard, with a barn, and plenty of excersise room for the four kaiila to run, play, stomp urts in a homicidal rage, or whatever suits their fancy. There is an older Tuchuk wagon back there, as well as a a smaller cargo wagon. There are some tarks in a pen, half a dozen slowly chewing Bosk, and a vulo house. Occasionally, one finds a bunch of feathers and a kaiila stomp print, when the kaiila Toska is in an especially bad mood.

Coming through the large wooden doors, you come into a room with the look of a classical pub, a long stained bar, with a great deal of varnished temwood and brass, with a large mirror behind the bar, where a variety of botas will soon be displayed. there is a small stove, exclusivley to heat paga for those of the mood for stronger drink, and below the bar, three loaded crossbows, with a quick pull arrangement. The floor is polished temwood, naked of carpet, at least for now, and there is a large stone fireplace set into the wall, with a spit, and a place to hang a durch oven. Above, the rafters are thick, and there hangs a large steel handileer, hung with many candles, There are tables around, low, where mena nd women may rest, on cusions, and enjoy food, drink, or the company.

Along the walls are tastefully hung weapons. There is an ancient Torv Axe, it's steel lightly rusted, showing it's age. There is a spear from the Red Peoples, a broadsword, with the initals KW on the hilt, and in a special place, a dagger that had almost cost the host of this place his life in a long ago trip into Port Kar. There is also the brass dedication plate to a tarnship, The Herlit's Talon, the brass stained by heat. Behind the bar is a door leading to the kitchen, to the right, near the back, there is a barred door leading to the kajira kennels, to the back left, there is a door leading to a long hallway.

Down the hallway there are a dozen guest rooms, and at the end, a barred stairway, leading upstairs, the resident's quarters, and a large door, leading to the baths. Each guest room contains a bed of furs, a small stove for heat, a barred window, a desk, a wardrobe, and a cabinet. it is basic, comfortable, and a good place to stop for the night. Halfway down the hall is an inset alcove, with two overstuffed chairs, and a kassia table, a place where conversation and the Game may be enjoyed. There is another alcove nearby too, this one with a door. It is mostly empty, save for shelves and a table. This will be the infirmiry when it is stocked.

The Baths are currently a large tiled room, with an empty pool. Amphorri is still working on laying pipes to the hot springs nearby, working with pick, shovel, without his tunic on in the sun. He will cross the hot waters with the cool waters from the river, and thus, the baths will be a pleasing heat, like a earth hottub once functional.

Up the stairs, there are the Resident Quarters. Each of these is twice as large as the guest rooms, the view of the river from their windows. The furnishings, for the most part haven't arrived, coming from Bazi, and from Turia, but there are furs aplenty, shipped in from Torvsland.

The kitchen is large, well furnished, and holds an ample pantry, a large cold room, and cabinets to hold a variety of dishes, pots, and pans. There is a door leading from the kitchen to the yard, capable, as are all the doors to the yard, of being Barred. The kaiila romp, play and hoot at one another when they see someone come out, hoping that dinner has come.

The kajira kennels have a barred door leading to them as well. Like the rest of the resident quarters, these are designed for the saftey of the residents. There are six private kennels, each big enough for two girls if need be, but designed for single occupancy. There are sleeping furs, a small shelf for little possessions, and a fur flap for a measure of privacy.

There are two stairwells leading from the main room. One leading down, one up. First going down. Downstairs, there is a large basement, divided into two rooms. The first contains casks of kalana, and several dozen botas, of new vintage of old. At the end of this room is a heavy temwood door, leading to a slave training and discipline chamber. This will be flushed out as needed, with whatever girl may need such training.

Up the stairs, is a studio apartment, the private chambers of Amphorri, still, for now a work in progress. There are boxes and crates around, furniture stacked in the corner, and a pile of furs near the main window, where he sleeps.

Posted by amphorri at 2:25 PM EST
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Laws of the Silk River Inn


1.                  No slave shall PM with any who is outside the channel without the permission of a Free Person of the Silk River Inn.  Slaves shall ask permission of an Opped Free of the Inn to pm with a guest of the Inn, Free or enslaved.  It is also expected that a guest of the Inn shall seek permission of an Op to speak privately with a slave of the Inn.  Slaves will be permitted exceptions to this rule on an individual basis.


2.                  Slaves will be provided a list of rooms they are not permitted tot ravel to, for various reasons.  These rooms are on the disapproved list for a reason.  This shall include but not be limited to “The Tavern of the Silken Baubles,” “The Black Bosk”, “Azure Falls” and, for now, “The White Bosk”.  This list is subject to change, and if an emergency situation occurs, a girl should expect a Botmail from the free to explain where they should not travel, and why.


3.                  Slaves who travel are expected to uphold the honor of their home and owner/s, and to remember their restrictions.  If a slave is put in a position where she cannot do this because her restrictions are being disregarded, she will leave the channel immediately, and email the log to


4.                  While we want to recruit, we want to recruit the right people.   Potential new Free and slaves will be offered membership when it is decided they are worth being here with us.  Whether this is an hour, or weeks, it will be the right amount of time.


5.                  Anyone not of the home and absent from the room for an extended period of time (30 minutes or so) is subject to being kicked for inactivity, at Op discretion.


6.                  Affection is fine, and lovely, and we all need it.  That being said, this is not a public scening room.  There are several guest rooms, and there are Resident rooms.  We are hospitable to Free Women of Gor, and that is simply considered rude in their presence.


7.                  Entry into this Inn implies that you will be respectful of the rules and customs of this Inn, and the culture of the Vosk region of Gor.


8.                  This channel is a No Kill Zone.  Forced collarings are done at the discretion of the Ops and only when warranted.  FW are expected to behave in a civil manner fitting FW or risk being collared.  This includes being respectful, and being polite.  If a FW has an issue with a slave of the Inn, she will bring it to a Free Man.


9.                  The list of these laws is a living document.  That means that rules can be changed, added to, or deleted when they prove to be either irrelevant, or poorly worded.


10.              The owner of this Inn is Amphorri, of the Warrior Caste.  He has been an Ubar, a physician, a slaver and a builder.  He has been on Gor since 1996.  Amphorri’s word here is Law.  If you wish to bring arbitrations to him, he will hear them.


11.              Drama is a fine thing in the theater.  You will notice the Silk River Inn does not have one. 


12.              Real Life comes first.  If you must be afk for work, because the boss showed up at your desk, or the kid fell on the floor, GO.  If you CAN say afk, that is great.  But do what you need to do.  If this becomes a habit, and it is believed you are abusing this privilege you are subject to censure and/or punishment.


13.              Everyone has a bad day.  If you behave badly, you will be kicked.  If you are kicked three times for bad behavior, you will be banned.  If you wish, you may petition Amphorri for re-admittance.  You will remain banned until Amphorri decides you can return in peace.


14.              These rules are not negotiable, only the Amphorri can give specific permission to exceptions.  If you do not like these laws, you are welcome to walk out the door.


15.              If a Free wishes to have sex with a slave then they must take it in to the alcove rooms provided by the Inn. Slaves must mark them selves as (NICK)-ALC


16.              Disciplining slaves is not allowed by any one but their Owners or the The Owner of this Inn, if you have a problem with a slave and a suggested punishment, please Email a log to, and include your opinions, and your suggestions for resolving the situation.  They will be reviewed, and Amphorri will choose whether to take the suggestions.


17.              The use of slaves is a privilege, not a right. Free must respect any restrictions their Owner places on them.


18.                  Basic courtesies are expected here.  If someone tells you they do not wish to be Pmed, it is expected you will respect that.  Violations of this should be brought to Amphorri’s attention.

19.                  Free Men are expected to be Strong.  Free Women are expected to be deferential to them.

20.                  Anyone who does not follow these laws are subject to banishment, collaring, or censure, depending on the offense, and the defense for committing it.  Ignorance of these laws is not a defense, nor is pride.  If you are here, you are expected to follow these laws.

21.              If you own a slave, that slave is YOUR responsibility , if they misbehave, it is expected their owner will correct them.  Failure to do so in a timely will result in the kicking of both slave and owner..  Slaves of the Inn are the responsibility of the Free of the Inn.

Posted by amphorri at 2:15 PM EST
Updated: Thursday, 19 November 2009 2:21 PM EST
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